Angry Nigerians attack Yemisi Suswam for distributing perfumes on 45th birthday

Benue State First Lady, Mrs Yemisi Suswam has been at the receiving end of harsh criticisms by angry Nigerians especially Benue State indigenes for distributing customized bottles of designer perfumes to poor women in Benue state on her 45thbirthday celebration.

He action has become a hot topic on the Internet and the social media.

Mrs. Suswam clocked 45 on May 2ndwith an elaborate party that took place in different parts of the state. She rounded off celebrations by handing customized designer perfumes branded “Yemsus 45” an offshoot of ‘Yemisi and Suswam to poor rural women who could barely afford three meals in a day.

Describing her action as a waste of state resources, a social critic in the state, Mike Atime said: “It’s totally wrong for the governor’s wife to use public funds for such senseless display of wealth. The first lady’s advisers have failed her. We must all condemn this.”
Benue is one of the poorest states in Nigeria in terms of physical and human development. The Bureau of statistics rank Benue as the 8th poorest state in Nigeria, with some of the highest unemployment rates. He observed
A Descendant of Adisco also condemned her action, noting that Our politicians are more of idealistic rather than being pragmatic
“She simply reminds me of the infamous Adisa Akinloye of late, who imported Customised bottles of Champagne for his Birth day which he never celebrated before Buhari/ Idiagbon terminated the 2nd Republic which Late Akinloye was the chairman of the ruling party (NPN). Our politicians are more of idealistic rather than being pragmatic. She is an opportunist and a stack ill educated woman.”
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