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Bandits attack Mosque in Zamfara, abduct scores during morning prayer



A multitude of worshippers were taken captive by bandits in a mosque located in Tsafe town, the central hub of Tsafe Local Government Area in Zamfara State.

According to a local resident named Garba, the invaders struck the mosque at approximately 5 a.m. on Thursday, interrupting the morning prayer preparations. Garba recounted the incident, stating, “As we were gearing up for the morning prayer today, Thursday, the bandits abruptly entered the mosque, instructing everyone to evacuate and follow them.”

In a bid to ensure compliance, the bandits, according to Garba, threatened harm to anyone attempting to flee. Garba managed to escape by leaping out of a window, seeking refuge in an unfinished building adjacent to the mosque.

Highlighting the bandits’ stealth, Garba noted, “They approached on foot, leaving their motorcycles outside the town to avoid drawing attention. Subsequently, they led the worshippers to their concealed motorcycles and transported them to the forest.”

Garba estimated that the number of abducted worshippers could exceed 30, emphasizing that the mosque was packed when the assailants attacked.

A community leader, speaking anonymously to PUNCH Online via phone, disclosed that members of the Community Protection Guards are actively pursuing the bandits to secure the release of the kidnapped worshippers.

Tsafe Local Government has been severely affected by banditry, with the 56km Tsafe-Gusau Road emerging as a perilous area where daily kidnappings occur. Recent clashes between rival bandit groups resulted in casualties within the local government.

Efforts to obtain comments from the state police command spokesperson, ASP Yazid Abubakar, proved unsuccessful as numerous attempts to reach him by phone were unsuccessful.