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Benue APC crisis: Untold story of how Tiv leaders reconciled Akume, Gov Alia



The Paramount Tiv Monarch, HRH Prof. James Ayatse, stepped in on Sunday to mediate in the feud between the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sen. George Akume, and the Benue State Governor, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, who is considered Akume’s estranged godson.

The royal father called for a truce, urging the two leaders to set aside their differences and work towards an amicable resolution for the peace and development of the state.

The longstanding discord between Akume and Alia stems from their differing stances on the leadership of the Benue State All Progressives Congress (APC) and other related issues.

Addressing journalists at his palace in Gboko, Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State, shortly after the reconciliation meeting, Ayatse expressed disappointment in the confrontational approach taken by the two leaders, stating that it has been detrimental to the unity of the Tiv nation and the entire state.

Speaking with subdued but palpable concern, the revered monarch rebuked the leaders for the actions and utterances of their supporters, labeling them as unacceptable.

“I have observed with deep concern that Tiv politics has been making negative headlines for quite some time now, all for the wrong reasons,” Ayatse remarked solemnly.

“The state of affairs has kept me awake at night. We are all sons of Benue, united by a common heritage and language. However, the discord among you, our esteemed political figures, paints a picture as though we are strangers in our own home,” he continued.

“Show maturity and pride in the Tiv Nation. Let us not become a subject of ridicule. I cannot bear to witness this discord among you,” the monarch implored.

He went on to urge all politicians in the Tiv region, as well as political actors, to lay down their weapons of conflict, emphasizing that the eyes of the international community, Nigeria, and neighboring regions are upon them.

“The world is watching us, Nigeria is watching us, and our neighbors are watching us,” Ayatse emphasized.

Following the peace meeting, the estranged political leaders, Akume and Alia, embraced each other in a gesture of reconciliation. Although no official statements were made, the symbolic act signaled a step towards peace and unity in the Tiv community and Benue State as a whole.