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Benue govt introduces 9-3-4 education system



The Benue State Government has given the green light for the implementation of the 9-3-4 system of education within the state.

Dr. Terna Francis, the Director General of the Benue State Education Quality Assurance Agency (BEQA), shared this development during an appearance on ‘Perspective’, a live program on Agate Radio/TV, which was monitored in Makurdi. According to Dr. Francis, the new education system is set to commence in September 2024.

He explained that this policy, endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Knowledge Management as well as the Benue State Education Quality Assurance Agency (BEQA), aims to equip learners with practical skills essential for self-reliance after completing Basic Nine.

Dr. Francis emphasized that certification upon completing Upper Basic will serve as a prerequisite for entry into Post Basic, ensuring a smooth transition for students into senior secondary school.

The Director General reiterated BEQA’s commitment to training teachers and implementing innovative teaching methodologies such as Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) to enhance the progress of individual learners in schools.

He commended Governor Hyacinth Alia’s unwavering dedication to improving and revitalizing public schools across the state. Dr. Francis urged all stakeholders to support and participate in the administration’s commendable initiative.

Highlighting Governor Alia’s keen interest in restoring the former glory of public schools in Benue State, Dr. Francis encouraged parents to prioritize their children’s education by ensuring punctual school attendance.

Regarding the issue of WAEC/NECO supervision nominations, Dr. Francis clarified that this responsibility is exclusive to government-employed teachers. The aim of this measure is to combat examination malpractices effectively.