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Gabon coup: Ali Bongo begs friends to ‘make noise [VIDEO]



Ali Bongo, the recently ousted President of Gabon, has reached out to his international associates for assistance in the wake of his sudden deposition. Bongo released a 50-second video plea, urging his global “friends” to rally behind him and “make noise,” mere hours after his removal from power.

In the video message, Bongo expressed his distress over the situation, revealing that he has been separated from his family and is unaware of the current developments unfolding in the country. The former president’s emotional plea sheds light on the tumultuous state of affairs that has gripped Gabon.

This appeal comes in the wake of an announcement by Gabonese military officers declaring a takeover of power in the early hours of Wednesday. As the nation grapples with this swift political upheaval, Ali Bongo’s call for international support adds a new dimension to the unfolding crisis.