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Police deny viral report of 30 kidnapped children in Jikwoyi



In response to a viral report alleging the rescue of 30 children from kidnappers in Jikwoyi, authorities at the Jikwoyi Divisional Police Headquarters have refuted the claims, labeling them as false.

The circulating report stated, “Please if your neighbor’s child is missing, pls rush down to Jikwoyi police station. We just apprehended a vehicle carrying 30 small children at Kpegi. The driver claimed they are going for an excursion, the lady at the front said they are going to an orphanage home. They picked the children from Karishi and Orozo. Kindly share to other Platforms please!!!”

However, the police have stated unequivocally that the report is baseless and should not be taken seriously.

In response to the situation, the Jikwoyi Divisional Police Officer (DPO), CSP Amodu Yahaya, acted swiftly upon noticing a vehicle containing numerous children and a few adults earlier today. The Nigerian Police Jikwoyi Division promptly intercepted the vehicle to conduct a thorough investigation.

Subsequent inquiries revealed that the individuals in question were associated with a non-governmental organization (NGO) returning from an excursion with the children. Upon clarification, the DPO instructed the NGO to ensure the continued safety of the children until they reached their intended destination.