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Why 2027 election will be all about Peter Obi – Kenneth Okonkwo



Nollywood actor and former spokesperson for the Labour Party’s presidential campaign council, Kenneth Okonkwo, has weighed in on the ongoing turmoil within the party, asserting that it would not impede Peter Obi’s potential presidential bid in 2027.

Speaking in a recent interview with Arise TV, Okonkwo underscored the paramount importance of the candidate over the political party, noting Peter Obi’s embodiment of a progressive vision for Nigeria, regardless of his party affiliation.

Okonkwo remarked, “The focus for 2027 is squarely on Peter Obi, not the Labour Party. Those advocating for him are advocating for a fresh perspective, a new wave of leadership, and a guaranteed path to victory.”

“In elections, it’s the candidates who resonate with the people, not the party banners they stand under. Peter Obi brought dynamism to the Labour Party during his brief tenure. He need not worry about internal party strife. His supporters remain steadfast, aligned with his vision for a revitalized Nigeria.”