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AGN gives update on actor Zack Orji’s health amid death rumours



The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has disclosed that veteran actor Zack Orji recently underwent two successful brain surgeries and is currently in good health.

AGN’s national President, Emeka Rollas, revealed this reassuring update, emphasizing that Zack is in stable condition.

Rollas said that Zack is slated for a post-surgery evaluation abroad, expressing disappointment at the circulation of false information regarding Zack’s death.

“In this age of the internet, some individuals seek to gain attention by spreading baseless rumors. This was evident when news surfaced claiming Zack had passed away. I promptly refuted such claims,” Rollas stated.

“As we speak, Zack is not in critical condition; in fact, if it weren’t for privacy concerns, I could have connected you to him over the phone,” Rollas added.

“He merely requires a post-surgery evaluation abroad, for which we are working to gather funds. Zack has successfully undergone two brain surgeries, and his health is stable. It is truly inhumane for someone to propagate false news of his passing.”

Recalling recent events, it was widely rumored that the actor had passed away. However, Emeka Rollas swiftly addressed and dispelled such speculations.

Zack Orji had reportedly collapsed on December 31, 2023, leading to his immediate admission to the intensive care unit at the National Hospital in Abuja.

He was later transferred to a private hospital for the necessary surgical procedures