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Major surprises from BBNaija Season 7 show



The Bbnaija Season 7 show ended yesterday but its memories are very fresh in the minds of the viewers.

In this article, we will look at three major surprising things that happened in the show.

These things are in two ways the first two are eviction that surprised not just the housemates but also the viewers and the other is a political view.

The first eviction that surprised everybody including the housemates who voted for the eviction of the housemates was the eviction of Amaka. Amaka was one who the viewers saw as one with the qualities to get to the finals but on this fateful day after the head of house games, Big Brother asked each housemate to nominate two people for immediate eviction.

Amaka and Doyin were the ones with the highest votes but Deji is a fake housemate who nominated Doyin since he is a fake housemate his vote was not counted and so Amaka had to go.

The other eviction is the eviction of Hermes. Hermes was one who almost everybody said was going to be the runner-up if not the winner. His first week in the house sold him out to the world and since then many people loved him.

He was loved by the viewers but it was a pity the love did not reflect on the votes. Hermes was so confident to the point that when he was put up for eviction he was laughing. But to his surprise, he was evicted alongside Sheggz and Groovy.

Now the surprise that is politics based. Normally we have never seen anyone come to talk about politics in the Big Brother house but this Level-up season had one housemate who came with a shirt that is politically inclined.

Even though he did not say anything about the party he is rooting for the shirt says it all. Eloswag who the head of house at that time wore a shirt that has the writing “I am Obidient and Useful” a slogan used by the Nigerian Labor Party fans.