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BBNaija Season 7: Bella, Chichi fight dirty



The fight in the ongoing BBNaija Season 7 show seems not to have seen her end the fight keeps coming up every time. The most recent fight is the one between Chichi the head of house and Bella. The whole housemates were having their rehearsals when Phyna suggested that they should use the same pattern of the song the Level 2 house used.

The song the level 2 housemates used at that time has a line where all the housemates’ names were infused in the song but Chichi who thought Phyna was saying they should use the level 2 anthem song said no and that they should do a new song which will have different pattern and flow.

Bella who  have not been paying attention to their gist then said they should use the Level 1 house since Phyna is bringing the level 2 song to the table. The head of house told her they have already settled it and so they should move on.

She was still addressing the house when she realized Bella was talking and dividing the attention of the house. She then told her that she should keep quiet when she is talking as the head of house. Bella did not find this nice as she said she will not if she don’t keep quiet what will she do about it?

Bella said she is the head of house with no ideas so why should she listen to her?

Recall she told Phyna same when Phyna was the head of house.

The disrespect from Bella to the post of the head of house becomes too much and has an issue with almost all the head of house.

She had an issue with Hermes during his, with Phyna during and reign and now Chichi.