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BBNaija Season 7: Sheggz fights Chichi over Bella



Following the fight that happened between Bella and the head of house Chichi, Sheggz has decided to come in to talk to his love Bella. Chichi was sitting on the head of house chair when. He came to present the case to her.

According to him, he said, he and Chichi have always been friends and so she should respect him and extend that same respect to his woman Bella. This did not land well with Chichi as she asked him what was wrong with him.

She further asked him why he always put his mouth in women’s fights. Sheggz trying to explain himself to her said she should try not to be rude to people but Chichi said what about his woman Bella, is she not rude as well?

Chichi got angry and left the place and went outside but he still followed her saying he has been friends with her and so she should respect him. Chichi shout him up and told him that they were never friends and he should stop assuming that in his head.

Many people are now concerned with the way he keeps fighting in the house for things that does not really involve him directly. All the fights he has been in the house are because of Bella and yet he is still sticking to her.