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How Julius Abure narrowly escaped assassination attempt



The Labour Party (LP) has reported that its National Chairman, Julius Abure, narrowly escaped an attempted assassination. Additionally, the party claimed that Abure’s residence in Abuna was ravaged by fire on Wednesday.

These revelations were disclosed in a statement to journalists by the Labour Party’s National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh. According to Ifoh, the fire erupted mysteriously a few minutes after 1 am while Abure and his family were asleep.

Ifoh further explained that a family member recounted the harrowing incident, revealing that neighbors and security personnel residing in the compound were instrumental in alerting and rescuing them.

“The entire family was trapped as the inferno had engulfed the staircase, hindering Abure and his family’s escape. However, divine intervention prevailed as neighbors and security personnel bravely broke down one of the upstairs windows, enabling their escape,” the statement read.

Emergency services, including the Fire Service, swiftly responded after the family was evacuated. Abure and his family were promptly transported to a private hospital for medical attention, where they are currently in stable condition.

These events unfolded amidst a backdrop of leadership turmoil within the Labour Party, with the Nigerian Labour Congress advocating for Abure’s removal as National Chairman.