The true story behind Killer Sally on Netflix: A marriage that ended in murder

Killer Sally is joining Netflix’s extensive library of true crime docu-series, including the likes of I Am a Killer, Unsolved Mysteries, Don’t F**k with Cats and the Conversations with a Killer series. This particular limited series will examine a bodybuilding couple’s unstable marriage and the gruesome murder that followed. has everything there is to know about the real-life story of Killer Sally.

Killer Sally will delve into the life of former bodybuilder Sally McNeil who was married to national bodybuilding champion Ray McNeil.

She describes her first impression of her future husband as “lust at first sight” and went on to have two children together.

In the trailer, it is explained Sally was able to earn more money through “muscle worship”, where she would make other men aroused simply by wrestling with them.

As a result of wrestling 10 men, Sally claimed to have earned $3,000 but shortly after, Ray hit her for the first time.

According to Sally, the domestic abuse continued for years until Valentine’s Day 1995.

Ray was choking his wife when she grabbed a gun and fatally shot him, blasting off half his face.

She claimed it was self-defence, taking the decision to shoot him to try and save her own life.

However, when the case went to trial, the prosecution argued it was actually a premeditated murder

It was stated in court that Sally killed her husband as she was a jealous and aggressive wife, described as a “thug” and a “monster”.

At the time, the media referred to her as the “pumped-up princess” and “brawny bride”.

On the other hand, she says she did anything to survive and was “caught up in a cycle of violence” which started in her childhood.

While she continued to state she acted in the moment, in March 1996, Sally was convicted of second-degree murder for shooting her husband.

Sally was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison for murdering Ray, and spent 25 years behind bars.

 She was released on parole in 2020 and is now ready to share her story in this Netflix series.

Along with interviews with Sally herself, the docu-series is going to feature conversations with friends, family and anyone else who was involved with the case at the time.

They will all give their perspective of what happened that Valentine’s Day, as well as what the couple were like before that night.

Much like most true crime shows, Killer Sally is a limited series so there won’t be a second outing to look forward to.

The entire case is going to be explored in just three instalments which will be dropped at the same time.

So subscribers will be able to binge-watch the show in one sitting if they wish.

Killer Sally premieres on Wednesday, November 2, on Netflix.

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